A special lightweight rescue vehicle (SARV-L) is designed for supporting the operation activities of 3-5 rescuers, carrying out priority rescue operations, searching for victims and providing them with first aid, communication and notification while eliminating the consequences of emergency situations, as well as providing assistance to victims of road accidents. During a rescue operation, each second plays a crucial role, as rescuers have little time to save a life, but professional and high-quality SARV-L equipment will save lives in the shortest possible time.

These cars, during 2019-2020, were manufactured and successfully transferred to the customer within the framework of the State program for improving road safety in Ukraine. The total number of such vehicles made 190 units in 2 years of painstaking work. These vehicles are equipped with modern equipment for the prompt arrival of rescuers to a scene of an accident in order to carry out priority rescue operations (hydraulic scissors, spreaders, jacks), search for victims and provide them with pre-medical assistance (stretchers, medical equipment), organizing communications (digital radio stations) and alerting the population while eliminating the consequences of emergency situations, lighting the scene of an incident (individual, portable and stationary lights), etc.

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