Transfer of equipment and diving gear in the city of Rubizhne

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Today (08/03/2021), in the city of Rubizhne, there was held a ceremony of transferring the equipment manufactured by Validus Special Auto and diving gear to a unit of pyrotechnic works and humanitarian demining of the #Special #Purpose #Emergency #Rescue #Team of the #State #Administration of #State #Emergency #Service of #Ukraine in Luhansk region as part of the implementation of the international technical assistance project “Support for the development of the potential of an integrated anti-mine activities in the east of Ukraine “.

The delegation of the #UNDP Ukraine Representative Office in Ukraine handed over a specialized operational pyrotechnic vehicle based on #Ford #Transit to the State Emergency Service in Luhansk Region, which is designed to ensure the prompt arrival of diving and pyrotechnic crews to the places of detection of explosives, transportation of special gear and equipment; inflatable boat #Kolibri, designed to ensure the implementation of humanitarian demining of river areas and explosives’ identifying activities in water bodies; diving equipment and explosives’ search equipment – underwater metal detectors.

Main Administration of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Luhansk region