139 lightweight SARV-L vehicles were transferred to the subdivisions of the State Emergency Service.


One more successful project was completed today. The ordering customer is the State Agency for Infrastructure Projects of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. This project is aimed at strengthening the technical base of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in frames of the implementation of the State Program for Improving Road Safety in Ukraine until 2020. As of today, we have delivered 19 more units of #SARV-L special rescue vehicles based on #Ford #Ranger chassis.

During 2020, 139 modern special lightweight rescue SARV-L vehicles were manufactured and handed over to the subdivisions of the State Emergency Service. It is anticipated that these vehicles will significantly quicken the time of response of the State Emergency Service units and speed up the arrival at the scene of accidents to carry out emergency rescue operations, search for victims, provide them with first aid, communication and notification in emergency situations. Now these machines will be saving lives on a daily basis.